2013 photo contest categories

General News
Pictures (GN) or stories/portfolios (GNS) covering (major) news topics and their aftermaths, in such areas as politics, economics, conflict, social tension, relief and reconstruction work, and crime. All pictures must have been shot in 2012.

Spot News
Pictures (SN) or stories/portfolios (SNS) witnessing news moments or unfolding events. All pictures must have been shot in 2012.

Contemporary Issues
Single feature pictures (CI) or stories/portfolios (CIS) documenting issues affecting people’s lives and society today, relating to social, environmental, health, economic, or other such areas.

Daily Life 
Pictures (DL) or stories/portfolios (DLS) that document the extraordinary or unseen in the ordinary, or cast a new perspective on everyday life.

Observed Portraits
Pictures (PO) or stories/portfolios (POS) portraying people (groups and individuals),
public figures, or celebrities, observed in their environment.

Staged Portraits
Staged portraits (PS) or stories/portfolios (PSS) of celebrities, public figures or people (groups and individuals).

Pictures (NA) or stories/portfolios (NAS) of wildlife, other aspects of the natural world, or landscapes.

Sports Action
Single pictures (SA) or portfolios/stories (SAS) capturing defining moments during major sporting events or top-level contests. All pictures must have been shot in 2012.

Sports Feature
Portfolios/stories (SFS) featuring the variety of ways sports are practiced worldwide, on an amateur or professional level, competitively, or for recreation.

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