World Press Photo supports Article 19 and The Pedro Meyer Foundation in Mexico to enhance the education and training of (photo)journalists.

Article 19
Article 19 works worldwide to combat censorship by promoting freedom of expression and access to information. The partnership between World Press Photo and Article 19 in Mexico aims to strengthen the knowledge and skills of visual journalists with regard to security issues, specifically without compromising their safety and avoiding self-censorship.

The Pedro Meyer Foundation
The Pedro Meyer Foundation contributes to the reflection, interpretation, and research regarding the photographic image within the framework of the new technologies. The partnership between World Press Photo and the Pedro Meyer Foundation aims to improve production and distribution skills of visual journalists in Mexico and the wider region, offering an online diploma course.

Article 19 holds fourth security and survival workshop for photojournalists

Pedro Meyer Foundation welcomes record number of students for third year of diploma course

Inside Article 19

An interview with Dario Ramírez.
Forced Silence, by Article 19, sheds light on assaults on journalists in Mexico and attacks of freedom of expression.

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