People of Mercy

11 October 2012

Barry Mamadou Djoulde (16)
“Ich träume von einem eigenen Laden, um meiner Familie zu helfen. Ich bin mit Klumphänden und unterentwickelten Ellbogen geboren worden.”


Menschen, die auf dem Hospitalschiff Africa Mercy, in Conakry, Guinea, behandelt werden.

Conakry, Guinea

Barry Mamadou Djoulde (16)
“I dream of starting my own business to support my family. I was born with radial club hands and underdeveloped elbows.”


People receiving treatment on Africa Mercy, a hospital ship docked at Conakry, Guinea.

Barry Mamadou Djoulde (16):
«Sueño con tener mi propia empresa para apoyar a mi familia. Nací con displasia radial y una malformación en los codos».


Personas que reciben tratamiento a bordo del Africa Mercy, un buque hospital atracado en Conakry, Guinea.

Barry Mamadou Djoulde (16 ans)
« Je rêve d’avoir ma propre entreprise pour aider ma famille. Je suis né avec des mains botes radiales et des coudes insuffisamment développés. »


Personnes soignées à bord du navire-hôpital l’Africa Mercy, amarré à Conakry, en Guinée.

Barry Mamadou Djoulde (16 anni)
“Sogno di avviare una mia attività per sostenere la famiglia. Sono nato con le mani torte radiali e gli avambracci poco sviluppati”.


Persone curate a bordo dell’Africa Mercy, una nave ospedale ormeggiata a Conakry, Guinea.

Barry Mamadou Djoulde (16)
“Ik droom van een eigen zaak om mijn familie te kunnen ondersteunen. Ik ben met klomphanden en onderontwikkelde ellebogen geboren.”


Mensen die behandeld worden op het ziekenhuisschip Africa Mercy, dat ligt aangemeerd in Conakry, Guinee.

Barry Mamadou Djoulde (16 anos)
«Tenho o sonho de iniciar um negócio meu para sustentar a minha família. Nasci com mãos botas radiais e cotovelos subdesenvolvidos.»


Pessoas que recebem tratamento no Africa Mercy, um navio- hospital atracado em Conacri, Guiné.


Conakry, Guinea

Technical information

Shutter speed: 1/250 sec
ISO: 400
F-Stop: 4.8
Focal Length: 80 mm
Camera: Hasselblad H4D-40

Stephan Vanfleteren
Stephan Vanfleteren lives and works in his native Belgium. After his photography studies he started to work as a freelancer in 1993. His black-and-white documentary photography covers the disappearance of small, anarchic worlds and the phenomena of everyday life in Belgium, as well as events from conflict zones and portrayals of everyday life around the world.  After working for the daily edition of De Morgen newspaper in the past, Vanfleteren now contributes to its weekend supplements.
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