Dasan (10), Spirit Lake Reservation

27 April 2013

North Dakota, USA

Dasan Cavanaugh (10), of the Spirit Lake reservation has not cut his hair since he was born. Spirit Lake is home to some 6,200 Sioux American Indians, who live in an area that covers over 1,000 square kilometers.


St. Michaels, Spirit Lake Reservation, North Dakota, United States

Rena Effendi
Rena Effendi was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, and grew up in the USSR, witnessing her country’s path to independence—one marred by war, political instability, and economic collapse. From the outset, Effendi focused her photography on issues of conflict, social justice, and the oil industry’s effect on people and the environment. From 2002 to 2008, Effendi followed a 1,700-kilometer pipeline through Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey documenting the impact this multibillion-dollar project had on impoverished farmers, fishermen, and other citizens.

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