20 February 2013

Sheffield, UK

Shannon, who has recently turned 16, has chosen to have a balloon inserted into her stomach for six months, to help her lose weight. A 2012 government survey classed 28 percent of English children between the ages of 2 and 15 as overweight or obese.


Sheffield, United Kingdom

Technical information

Camera: Mamiya 7

Lens: Mamiya Wide Angle 65mm f/4

Abbie Trayler-Smith
Abbie Trayler-Smith is a documentary and portrait photographer. She grew up in South Wales before moving to London where she studied law at Kings College. Trayler-Smith began working regularly as a photographer for the Daily Telegraph in 1998; here she spent eight years covering news and features worldwide, including the war in Iraq, the Darfur crisis and the Asian tsunami. In 2007, she joined Panos Pictures.

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