2012 Tim Hetherington Grant

Breaking the Circle by Fernando Moleres

This project, by Spanish photographer Fernando Moleres, was supported by the Tim Hetherington Grant, a joint initiative of World Press Photo and Human Rights Watch.

Breaking the Circle is the continuation of Moleres' award-winning Juveniles Behind Bars in Sierra Leone story that aims to explore the harsh conditions minors face while incarcerated in the adult prison of Pademba, Sierra Leone, and follows them in their struggle to adjust to life after being released from prison.

Many juveniles wait for years for their trial, without access to legal assistance; while their families have often rejected them and will not welcome them back home.

The photography and video project also follows the lives of the young former inmates who were taken in under the social rehabilitation program of the nongovernmental organization Free Minor Africa. The program was started by Moleres in the hope of helping the juvenile prisoners in Sierra Leone become part of society again.

Breaking the circle

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