Ayperi Karabuda Ecer to chair the 2010 contest jury

© Mal Langsdon

We are pleased to announce that Ayperi Karabuda Ecer will chair next year's World Press Photo contest. A true professional with profound experience of the photographic industry, she is currently vice president pictures at Reuters. Since Karabuda Ecer was a member of the 2009 jury, she already knows the procedure.

She also has this advice to photographers submtting their work to the contest: "Trust your instincts. Don't try to second guess the jury. Every constellation of jurors will give different results and there is no way you can predict their reactions.

As a photographer today, you are also bound to be an editor of your work. The editing process is as much part of your work as the shooting. Take this opportunity to make your best edit ever.

A multicultural, multi-skilled jury of professionals will view your entry on an excellent high-definition screen, in search of talent. You are challenged to draw their attention with your pictures, because they are different, because they open doors instead of just confirming perspectives.

You have something to tell us. Pay utmost attention to the way you present your work and your pictures will take on their own life."

Click here for the full list of members of the 2010 jury.