Imagine l'Afrique workshop

Imagine l'Afrique workshop

Imagine l'Afrique was a training workshop for ten African photographers from the French-speaking countries of the sub-Sahara. The workshop took place from 18-29 October 2010 in Dakar and Mbour, Senegal.

With the support of the International Fund for Agricultural Development, World Press Photo trained committed African photographers in order to develop their photography skills while exploring the issues and challenges that rural people face every day, in securing food and basic necessities in sub-Saharan Africa. Climate change and food security are issues that prevail worldwide. Each society is dealing with the effects of globalization, urbanization and climate change, Africa included.

The training began with online sessions in October. During the live workshop in October, the participants will work with a renowned photojournalist and a photo editor to improve their technical and storytelling skills and develop a story idea to shoot upon returning to their home country.

Following the workshop, the production of stories took place over the course of eight weeks with the guidance of the tutors. The final stories were published in the book Food in Africa (Nourriture en Afrique) with the aim to raise awareness with policy and decision makers, to increase their knowledge of both the issues and challenges of food production and food security in sub-Saharan Africa.

The participants:

  • Bakary Emmanuel Daou, Mali
  • Fatoumata Diabate, Mali
  • Arnaud Thierry Gouegnon, Ivory Coast
  • Macline Hien, Ivory Coast
  • Amadou Keita, Mali
  • Baudouin Mouanda, Congo Brazzaville
  • Rodrigue Mbock, Cameroon
  • Fidisoa Ramanahadray, Madagascar
  • Rindra Ramasomanana, Madagascar
  • Joel Bouopda Tatou, Gabon

The tutors:

  • Cedric Gerbehaye, Belgium, photographer
  • Sylvie Rebbot, France, former photo editor-in-chief Geo France

The workshop was organized by World Press Photo with the support of the International Fund for Agricultural Development.


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