Letter from jury chair Ed Kashi

2011 multimedia contest

The judging of multimedia for World Press Photo has finished and, on behalf of the jury, we hope the results will show how this new form of visual storytelling is alive and growing. While we had moments of anguish and exhilaration in trying to navigate uncharted territory, our mission was imbued with a deep sense of responsibility, aware that our decisions would contribute to establishing criteria and definitions for this evolving medium. This was the first contest for multimedia for World Press Photo, which raised the stakes even higher.

The entries represented a growing geographical scope of productions and a broad range of production techniques and narrative approaches, which indicate very positive trends for the future development of multimedia. We observed the inherent strengths and weaknesses of this medium, which is still in it's infancy. I was struck by certain trends, which reflect the universality of storytelling; conveying important and emotional stories through an individual or family, intimacy in reporting, conveying the voice of the subjects and using music and ambient sound to empower the visual narrative.

We also saw the profound influence of the new HD DSLR cameras, like the Canon 5D Mark II, which has created not only a sumptuous visual look, but also a new aesthetic approach to the subject matter. Time seems to be slowed down and the pace of storytelling more calm.

In closing, I want to thank the other four members of the jury, Claudine Boeglin, Andrew DeVigal, Kang Kyung-ran and Gideon Mendel, for helping this process work so smoothly, with vibrant and constructive dialogue that will contribute to making World Press Photo an important influence and source of inspiration for the future of multimedia. I also want to thank the jury secretary Alan Stoga for his guidance in ensuring our progression throughout the process.

Ed Kashi, March 2011