The judging room of the first World Press Photo multimedia contest. © Sebastiaan Deerenberg

World Press Photo is pleased to announce its second contest for multimedia productions in visual journalism will take place from 10 to 13 March in Amsterdam. Work entered by photographers, publications, and multimedia producers will be judged by an international, eight-member jury of experts chaired by Vincent Laforet. The winners of the second World Press Photo multimedia contest will be announced online on 15 March 2012.

Visual storytelling: beyond the still image
World Press Photo has held an annual press photography contest since 1955. As part of the organization’s mission to encourage high professional standards in photojournalism and to support professional press photography in all its aspects, World Press Photo decided to initiate a new contest for multimedia productions last year.

The World Press Photo multimedia contest is for online or offline linear productions with a journalistic storyline. Each multimedia entry must include professional still photography in combination with (but not limited to) audio and visual elements such as video, animation, graphics, illustrations, sound, and text. The work will be judged on their impact as well as their production and content. The multimedia contest is set up separately from the annual press photography contest. There was a total of 287 multimedia productions from 48 countries entered in the contest this year.

Managing director Michiel Munneke says: “Digital storytelling is an enrichment for photographers. According to the technical tools we are given, multimedia is evolving and changing in time. We are thrilled to stimulate photographers and producers in their multimedia work by recognizing productions of exceptional quality.”

Multimedia jury
The 2012 multimedia contest jury is chaired by photographer and director Vincent Laforet, France/USA, with Alan Stoga, USA, president of Zemi Communications, as secretary of the jury.

The members are:
•  Claudine Boeglin, France, multimedia director Thomson Reuters Foundation
•  Iatã Cannabrava, Brazil, photographer and director
•  Jessica Dimmock, USA, documentary photojournalist
•  Keith Jenkins, USA, supervising senior producer for multimedia at NPR
•  Wang Jingchun, China, director Visual Center of Southern Metropolis Daily
•  Poul Madsen, Denmark, photojournalist and multimedia producer Bombay Flying Club
•  Anna Zekria, Russia, co-founder and managing director Saltimages

There will be three productions awarded at the 2012 multimedia contest. Each winning team will be recognized with a Golden Eye Award and a certificate. In addition, the team awarded the first prize during the World Press Photo Award Days will receive a cash prize of €5,000. A representative of each of the winning production teams will be invited to Amsterdam to attend the 2012 Awards Days weekend and will receive the awards at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday 21 April 2012.

About World Press Photo

World Press Photo organizes the leading international contest in visual journalism. The foundation is committed to supporting and advancing high standards in photojournalism and documentary storytelling worldwide. Its aim is to generate wide public interest in and appreciation for the work of photographers and other visual journalists, and for the free exchange of information. The activities include organizing annual photojournalism and multimedia contests and global exhibition tours. The Academy programs strive to stimulate high-quality visual journalism through educational programs, grants and by creating greater visibility through a variety of publications. World Press Photo is an independent, non-profit organization with its office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where it was founded in 1955.

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