Shortlist of the first World Press Photo Multimedia Contest published

Blanco, shortlisted in the linear category, delves into the lives of the visually impaired. © Stefano De Luigi

Today World Press Photo published the finalists of the first World Press Photo Multimedia Contest, with the aim of showcasing the best multimedia storytelling in visual journalism. The international jury has selected a total of six productions for the shortlist, and the winners will be announced during the Awards Ceremony on 7 May 2011. For more information about the shortlisted productions, and to view the linear productions, visit the overview page.

At the conclusion of the judging in Amsterdam, the jury published a shortlist identifying the three multimedia productions selected in each category. The six shortlisted multimedia productions were chosen from more than 40 nominations.

Linear productions (in alphabetical order):

A production by photographer Stefano De Luigi for VII Photo Agency.
Blanco is the result of a four-year journey delving into the life of the visually impaired in 16 countries around the world.

The Home Front
A production with photography by Marcus Yam and produced by Nancy Donaldson, Catrin Einhorn and Meaghan Looram for The New York Times.
The Home Front is the story of two boys in the US who struggle to adjust when their father, a single dad and US soldier, is deployed to Afghanistan and they are sent to live with relatives.

A Man in the Forest
A production by Lei Wang.
A Man in the Forest is about a forest ranger that has lived in Hainan province rainforest in China for several years, working to monitor and protect the Hainan Black-Crested Gibbon.

Interactive multimedia (in alphabetical order):

Powering a Nation
A production with photography by Mike Ehrlich, Jessey Dearing, Lauren Frohne and Elena Rue and produced by Laura Ruel, Chad Stevens and Don Wittekind from The University North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Powering a Nation is an interactive production that explores energy use across different demographics in the US.

Prison Valley
A production with photography by Philippe Brault in collaboration with author and co-director David Dufresne and produced by Alexandre Brachet and Gregory Trowbridge for Arte.
Prison Valley in an interactive production that explores the prison industry in Cañon City, Colorado in the US.

A Year at War
A production with photography by Damon Winter and Marcus Yam and produced by James Dao, Nancy Donaldson, Catrin Einhorn, Rob Harris, Meaghan Looram for The New York Times.
A Year at War examines the yearlong deployment of one US battalion in Afghanistan.

The nominated work was judged on its impact and editing, as well as its originality and innovative execution. The productions must have a journalistic storyline and still imagery must play a significant role in telling the story.

Judging took place at the World Press Photo office in Amsterdam from 18 to 21 March 2011. The jury for the 2011 multimedia contest consists of five highly respected professionals in visual journalism and multimedia productions. The members of the jury are:

•  Ed Kashi, USA, photojournalist, filmmaker and educator

•  Claudine Boeglin, France, multimedia producer Thomson Reuters Foundation
•  Andrew DeVigal, USA, multimedia editor The New York Times
•  Kang Kyung-ran, South Korea, anchor and CEO Frontline News Service
•  Gideon Mendel, South Africa, photographer

•    Alan Stoga, USA, president Zemi Communications

About the multimedia contest, the chair of the jury, Ed Kashi, said, "The entries represented a growing geographical scope of productions and a broad range of production techniques and narrative approaches, which indicate very positive trends for the future development of multimedia."

Nomination committee
Judging multimedia is a new venture for the organization, and mobilizing the networks and communication channels that have been used to attract entries for the photography contest would only cover a part of the multimedia community worldwide.

Taking into consideration our successful experience working with a nominating committee for the annual Joop Swart Masterclass, World Press Photo decided to follow a similar procedure for the multimedia contest. The nominating committee consisted of recognized experts, with wider-ranging backgrounds than just traditional photojournalism. Each nominator was requested to nominate up to three productions into the two categories of the multimedia contest: linear and interactive. The full list of nominators can be viewed here.

Awards Days
First, second and third prizes in each category will be announced during the World Press Photo Awards Ceremony on 7 May 2011. First prizes will be awarded a cash award of €5,000. Maurice Lacroix, a Swiss watch manufacturer, is the official watch partner of the World Press Photo Awards Ceremony.

World Press Photo was founded in 1955 and is known for organizing the world's largest and most prestigious annual press photography contest. Its accolades are coveted by photographers across the world. The organization is now expanding its scope to reflect changes in the media with the judging of multimedia productions in a separate contest. With this expansion, World Press Photo aims to provide impetus to photojournalistic multimedia by recognizing productions of exceptional quality.

World Press Photo receives support from the Dutch Postcode Lottery and is sponsored worldwide by Canon and TNT.

About World Press Photo

World Press Photo organizes the leading international contest in visual journalism. The foundation is committed to supporting and advancing high standards in photojournalism and documentary storytelling worldwide. Its aim is to generate wide public interest in and appreciation for the work of photographers and other visual journalists, and for the free exchange of information. The activities include organizing annual photojournalism and multimedia contests and global exhibition tours. The Academy programs strive to stimulate high-quality visual journalism through educational programs, grants and by creating greater visibility through a variety of publications. World Press Photo is an independent, non-profit organization with its office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where it was founded in 1955.

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