TNT continues its sponsorship of the exhibition in Brussels

The TNT sponsored World Press Photo '09 exhibition in Brussels.© TNT

In addition to being a World Press Photo corporate sponsor, TNT is also the sponsor and organizer of the exhibition in Brussels for the fourth consecutive year.

With the upcoming exhibition opening at the Musée du Cinquantenaire on 12 November, we asked Robin Boon, Group Director Corporate Relations at TNT, to answer a few questions about their involvement in this unique event.

World Press Photo: Why was TNT interested in extending its support to include the exhibition in Brussels?
Robin Boon: As a leading European provider of express and postal services, TNT takes a close interest in EU policy making. TNT maintains close relations with European Commission officials and Members of the European Parliament. In our communication mix there is room for a yearly relationship-building event. For the past few years the opening of the World Press Photo exhibition in Brussels has been this event.

World Press Photo: Why is the support of photography in general of importance to TNT?
Robin Boon: As a company we have a long history of promoting art, photography and good graphic design. Especially in the Netherlands where we were one of the most prolific commissioners of visual art as a portion of the construction costs for new buildings was set aside for the purpose. The basic premise that every workspace was entitled to its own work of art. Next to that we have always paid great attention to the quality of our products and services and responsible design plays a significant role in this.

World Press Photo: How does the exhibition reflect the values of TNT as a company?
Robin Boon: For more than half a century, World Press Photo has been a stage upon which thousands of photographers from all over the world can display their best work. Through their photos, they bring the world on stage as well. Some of the photos are beautiful, inspirational images, while others are confrontational, thought-provoking portrayals of trouble in the world. But each one has a story worth telling. This is why TNT sponsors the World Press Photo foundation. We believe that our sponsorship is a way of demonstrating our interest in the world and, more importantly, our pledge to help make it a better place.

World Press Photo: Who is the audience that is attracted to this particular exhibition?
Robin Boon: Next to EU decision makers, we also invite business relations and their contacts in TNT management, and representatives of Brussels-based trade associations and media.

More information about the exhibition in Brussels and other locations can be found in our exhibition calendar.

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