Reporting Change - Stories from the Arab Region

Sunday 15 June 2014 – Sunday 15 June 2014

Join and meet artists, photographers, human rights activists and journalists from the Arab world as they present personal stories, visual presentations, film, theater and music all centered on developments and changes in their region. Click here to see the event program.

Festival attendees will include:
• Roger Anis, Egypt, photojournalist
• Nadia Benchallal, France/Algeria, photographer
• Lama Fakih, Syria and Lebanon researcher Human Rights Watch
Yassin al Haj Saleh, Syria, writer, public intellectual and 2012 Prince Claus Laureate
• Amna Guellali, Tunisia and Algeria researcher Human Rights Watch
• Selim Harbi, Tunisia, documentary photographer
• Magdalena Herrera, France, director of photography Geo France
• Oualid Khelifi, Algeria, freelance journalist and reporter
• Reem Maged, Egypt, TV journalist and talk show host
• Hanan Salah, researcher Libya Human Rights Watch
• Ole Solvang, researcher and security advisor, and emergency team member, Human Rights Watch

Hosted by Petra Stienen, the Netherlands, publicist and Arabist

And also:
Music by Syrian singer/songwriter Waed Bouhassoun and Tunisian band A-way Tarik
Movie 'Return to Homs', directed by Talal Derki, Syria
Presentation of Stories of Change, a photo book by World Press Photo
Reading of the play 'We have seen a revolution' starring Maryam Hassouni and Nazmiye Oral, written by Anna Maria Versloot and directed by Pieter Athmer

The Reporting Change Project: Researching & documenting changes in the Middle East and North-Africa
Human Rights Watch and World Press Photo are organizing this event to celebrate their joint two-year project, ‘Reporting Change’. The aim of the project is to document the period of change in the Middle East and North Africa and to provide support to democratic processes in the area. While each organization focuses on their respective fields of expertise, the programs work toward a joint goal using complementary approaches — journalism training in the case of World Press Photo, and research and advocacy in the case of Human Rights Watch — to reach a target audience that includes policymakers, journalists, civil society actors and the general public.


Lijnbaansgracht 234 /A
the Netherlands
+31 020 531 8181

Tickets: € 8,50
Students: € 6,00
Tickets are available through the Melkweg website.

Visiting hours

13.00 - 18.00


Human Rights Watch & World Press Photo


Special thanks to our media partners:
Vrij Nederland

Reporting Change is made possible by a grant from the Dutch Postcode Lottery.
World Press Photo and Human Rights Watch receive support from the Dutch Postcode Lottery and World Press Photo is sponsored worldwide by Canon.

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