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The 2014 Exhibition Guide

World Press Photo presents a visual journey of the past year through the eyes of the world's top photojournalists. The 2014 World Press Photo Exhibition Guide app brings another dimension to our worldwide exhibition tour.

While visiting one of our exhibitions, the Exhibition Guide app will provide visitors with extra information about the award-winning images in 9 languages, audio commentary about the photos from the photographers themselves, and lots of other information not found in the exhibition alone. During the exhibition you can also easily bookmark your favorite images and share them with friends.

Afterwards, your visit can be continued on our website where you'll find your favorite images on a personal profile page.

The 2014 Exhibition Guide features:
• Translated photo captions and app interface in nine languages
• Audio commentary about the prizewinning photos from the photographers themselves
• Camera detail information
• Location information
• Bookmarking of your favorite images
• Sharing

The 2014 Exhibition Guide app is free and available for iOS (iTunes Store) and Android (Google Play Store) devices at http://www.worldpressphoto.org/app.

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