A Short History of the Highrise

24 March 2014

‘A Short History of the Highrise’ is an interactive documentary that explores the 2,500-year global history of vertical living and the issue of social equality in an increasingly urbanized world. The centerpiece of the project is four short films. The interactive experience incorporates the films and, like a visual accordion, allows viewers to dig deeper into the project’s themes through additional archival materials, text and microgames.

Director, writer and editor: Katerina Cizek
Interactive Concept and Script: Katerina Cizek
Interactive Art Direction and Development: Jacqueline Myint
Producer: Gerry Flahive
Executive Producer: Jason Spingarn
Executive Producer: Silva Basmajian
Coordinating Producer: Kathleen Lingo
Series Researcher: Lindsay Crouse
Sound Editor: Janine White
Creative Consultant: Sean Dixon
Film Animation: Helios Design Labs
Featuring the music and voices of Feist, Cold Specks, Jim Guthrie, Philip Glass (Reworked by Beck) and Zoë Keating

Organization: National Film Board of Canada / The New York Times


Gerry Flahive
Gerry Flahive is a senior producer for the National Film Board of Canada. In a career spanning more than 30 years, Gerry Flahive has produced more than 75 documentary films and interactive projects on a wide range of subjects, including health care, cultural diversity, urbanism, history, communications, diplomacy, globalization and racism.

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