Multimedia Research Project

With the Academy, one of our aims is to add knowledge about new developments in the field. And we wish to stimulate conversation about trends within the visual journalism community.

Following the digital revolution and the explosion of Internet, multimedia has brought great innovation to visual storytelling. Photojournalists are exploring new approaches, combining images, video, sound, and text in their work. Our own multimedia contest has already seen five editions.

In a pioneering study, commissioned by World Press Photo and published here, Dr. David Campbell examines the current practices in multimedia against the background of the disruption in the traditional media economy, and the revolution in how people consume news today. Download the full research report, and join in the discussion on Dr. Campbell’s blog.

To hear from the makers themselves, we have produced a series of five video conversations (links below), with some of the leading players in the field giving their views, and sharing their personal experiences, about the challenges in funding, producing and distributing multimedia.

Video conversation, part 1

How is multimedia being produced?

Video conversation, part 2

How is multimedia being financed?

Video conversation, part 3

How is multimedia being published and distributed?

Video conversation, part 4

How are viewers consuming multimedia?

Video conversation, part 5

What are the criteria for success?

Apps for the photojournalist

By Keith W. Jenkins