A committee has selected 10 photographers from the Reporting Change Storytelling workshops to receive a € 2000 grant in order to produce a story from the North African region. The selected participants are:

• Mohamed Alalem, Libya
• Mohamed Ali eddin, Egypt
• Roger Anis, Egypt
• Zied Ben Romdhane, Tunisia
• Arslane Bestaoui, Algeria
• Amine Boussoffara, Tunisia
• Nader ElGadi, Libya
• Ahmed Hayman, Egypt
• Mahmoud Khaled, Egypt
• Zara Samiry, Morocco

The 10 photographers were chosen from a pool of 24 participants who were trained during the Reporting Change Storytelling workshops and who submitted a story proposal from the region. The stories they produce will be published in a book and an online production in 2014.

The grants are awarded in support of the Reporting Change training program’s two main goals: to train strong, professional, and self-reliant visual journalism communities in the Middle East and North Africa; and to document and exhibit local perspectives of the regional changes.

The World Press Photo Academy program enables photojournalists to tell important stories, creates new opportunities for work, and helps nurture the talent and passion of photojournalists who create stories that inspire a greater understanding of the world around us. World Press Photo grants offer a direct incentive to visual journalists who are facing challenges to produce and disseminate in the current market. We practically support photographers in the creation of new work and offer a platform to share stories and issues with the world.

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