Pedro Meyer Foundation offers Diploma on Visual Storytelling and New Media

In 2011, World Press Photo joined forces with the Pedro Meyer Foundation (Fundacion Pedro Meyer, FPM) in Mexico to improve production and distribution skills of visual journalists. Within this partnership, FPM will offer a new Diploma on Visual Storytelling and New Media, which began on 16 April 2012. The Diploma course, which will largely be delivered online, aims to train photojournalists on the use of the latest technologies, paying special attention to the changes of the productive processes, the way it models new forms of creation and on the new markets it generates. The program with a national and international is intended to encourage the professional development of visual journalists to develop and implement creative and viable projects in which stories have the potential advantage of new media and development and dissemination of culture in Mexico.
At the end of the Diploma course, students will be able to apply the knowledge and skills needed to design and implement projects, conceptualize digital storytelling projects, disseminate digital stories in the most appropriate means to communicate with the target audience, and manage multimedia projects.
During the 16th of April, the kick-off was organized at the Foundation's venue in Coyoacan, Mexico City, where the Diploma course was presented. Additionally, the trainers and fellow students were introduced to the online delivery method of the course.
In 2007, Pedro Meyer created FPM to contribute to the reflection, interpretation, and research of the photographic image within the framework of the new technologies. Through specific initiatives in the areas of conservation, production, education, and dissemination of the photographic arts - encompassing related arts, including film, video, and multimedia disciplines, whose central focus is photography - the Foundation promotes the professional and cultural enrichment of the community of these arts and that of society in general.
The central objective of the academic programs is to provide useful information and knowledge in every possible respect.