Pedro Meyer Foundation's DIPLOMA ON VISUAL STORYTELLING AND NEW MEDIA to begin third year

Pedro Meyer (left) stands with tutors and students from the second year of the Diploma on Visual Storytelling and New Media. © Fundación Pedro Meyer

In 2011, the Pedro Meyer Foundation (Fundación Pedro Meyer) joined forces with World Press Photo to offer a Diploma on Visual Storytelling and New Media with the aim to improve the production and distribution skills of visual journalists in Mexico and the wider region. Since the start of the partnership, 60 students have completed the diploma course.

The second year of the diploma course concluded with a screening on 4 and 5 September 2013 where the graduates presented their completed productions to their peers, tutors and the public. A selection of the final projects can be seen on Zonezero Labs, a website especially dedicated to publishing projects made for the diploma course.

Students following the online Spanish-language diploma course develop their narrative storytelling skills and create stories using new technologies. The course takes seven months to progress through two stages: The Narrative Lab, where skills and knowledge are strengthened; and the Creative Project, where the actual story is produced. Personal attention from a tutor is guaranteed, but students also gain access to a wide network of tutors and other professionals in the industry.

You can find student testimonials, story screenings from the closing event and more videos about the diploma course on The Pedro Meyer Foundation’s YouTube channel.

The diploma course will begin its third year in January 2014 and the deadline to apply is 30 November 2013. To apply, please visit:

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