Liza Faktor

co-founder Screen, Russia

Liza Faktor © Karen Mirzoyan

Liza Faktor is a producer and curator working in the field of visual documentary. She was the founding director of the Objective Reality Foundation in Russia in 2001 and was a co-founder and director of in 2005. She is also co-founder of Screen, an organization facilitating production and distribution of visual storytelling, with Frank Kalero, Jamie Wellford, Ivan Sigal and Bjarke Myrthu.

Liza has curated more than 20 exhibitions, including Stories of Life: The Best of Multimedia Journalism (Moscow, 2013), the 4th Photoquai Biennale (Paris, 2013), and Projections of Reality (Moscow and Washington, DC, 2010). She is a recipient of the Howard Chapnick award in picture editing.


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