Virginie Nguyen Hoang

photojournalist and multimedia producer, Belgium

Virginie Nguyen Hoang graduated in 2011 from IHECS (L’Institut des Hautes Études des Communications Sociales), Brussels, where she studied journalism. She also spent a semester at the Danish School of Media and Journalism to sharpen her photojournalism skills.

Currently based in Cairo, she is a photojournalist and multimedia producer for the Egyptian online newspaper Mada Masr, member of the Studio HansLucas and a stringer for AFP.

In 2011, with Frederic Pauwels and Gaëtan Nerincx, she founded the HUMA collective, which emphasizes social issues and advocates a humanistic approach to photography.

In the past year Virginie has worked in Vietnam, Egypt, and Syria, focusing on long-term projects linked to social exclusion.

Virginie Nguyen Hoang

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