Toku Konno

29 November 2011

Toku Konno, eine Überlebende des Tsunamis, Sendai, Japan, 29. November.

Sendai, Japan

Toku Konno, a tsunami survivor, Sendai, Japan, 29 November.

Toku Konno, una superviviente del tsunami, Sendai, Japón, 29 de noviembre.

Toku Konno, survivante du tsunami, à Sendai, au Japon, le 29 novembre.

29 novembre: Toku Konno, superstite dello tsunami, Sendai, Giappone.

Toku Konno, een tsunami-overlevende in Sendai, Japan, 29 november.

Току Конно, пережившая цунами, г. Сендей, Япония, 29 ноября.


Sendai, Japan

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Denis Rouvre
Denis Rouvre is a portraitist, living and working in France. His photos have been nationally and internationally published. His latest series representing survivors from the tsunami that hit Japan in March 2011, was published in February 2012, in a portfolio of The New York Times Magazine. Rouvre’s photo series have been widely exhibited in France and abroad. He has also published several books, and his numerous prizes include a previous World Press Photo award, and a Sony World Photography Award.

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