Afghanistan: America at War

Tucked away in the corners of the war in Afghanistan, infantry troops perform some of the most arduous tasks of the military. While working on his story, Adam Ferguson was embedded with Lima Company of the 3rd battalion, 6th Marines, in northern Marja District. His work is a tale about grunts on the frontline, a place where routine occasionally lapses, honesty sometimes surfaces and persistence must prevail.


Marja District, Helmand Province, Afghanistan

Adam Ferguson
Adam Ferguson, Australia, took a degree in photography at Griffith University, before interning with VII Photo Agency in Paris. In 2007, he moved to Delhi to work as an independent photographer covering South Asia. In the years since, Adam has documented social tensions in economically booming India, poverty and political insecurity in Pakistan and the military occupation of Afghanistan. His photographs have been published by Time, The New York Times, Vanity Fair and UNICEF, among others.

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