Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

Andrea Gjestvang returned home to Norway to explore a region of the country foreign to her. Finnmark is the largest, yet least populated county of Norway. Andrea looked at the lives of teenagers living in this region and their endless waiting for something to happen. She focused her story on persistence through their restless lives - both their persistence in staying and the persistence of their longing to leave.


Finnmark, Norway

Andrea Gjestvang
Andrea Gjestvang, Norway, studied photojournalism at Oslo University College, graduating in 2003. After some years working in Norway for different newspapers and magazines, Andrea decided to focus more internationally. She moved to Berlin and worked freelance for Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang. Andrea spends most of her time travelling around Europe on assignments or working on her own long-term projects, including one documenting a society in dramatic change in Greenland.

Photographer multimedia

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