Dancing with the Dead

Ed Ou documented two traditional rituals of passage that take place in Madagascar during the winter. During famadihana, Malagasy families exhume their deceased relatives, wrap them in silk shrouds and dance with their bodies before returning them to ancestral crypts. Also at winter, Malagasy boys undergo circumcision to mark their transition to manhood. Traditions endure and they indicate a continuance of life.



Ed Ou
Canadian photojournalist Ed Ou was born in 1987 and took up photography as a teenager, covering the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah, as well as the fall of the Islamic Courts in Somalia, while he was studying politics in the Middle East. He later worked for Reuters and The Associated Press, covering stories ranging from conflict in the Middle East to fashion in New York City. After university, he moved to Kazakhstan and more recently focused his lens on refugees fleeing Somalia.

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