The Long Road

Lissette Lemus photographed chronic kidney disease patients at Rosales National Hospital, El Salvador's main public hospital. The number of patients has brought facilities to saturation point. Lissette focused on the fortitude and tenacity of people waiting a long time for treatment, and then the perseverance and discipline required to survive on long-term dialysis.


San Salvador, El Salvador

Lissette Lemus
El Salvador
Lissette Lemus, El Salvador, has worked as a photographer with El Diario de Hoy newspaper, a leading Salvadorian daily since 2002. She began her career with the country's oldest newspaper, Co Latino, in 1999. Lissette has covered wide-ranging national and international assignments including earthquakes, floods, presidential elections, and sports events. In 2003, she was named journalist of the year by the El Salvador journalists' association, and in 2006 was a finalist in the Ibero-American black-and-white photography contest.

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