Poor Choices

Sarah Elliott focused on women in Kenya who are persisting in their drive to control unwanted pregnancies. The criminalization of abortion in Kenya does not prevent the practice, but denies access to safe abortions and forces many women to back-alley clinics. Poor women, in particular, are denied the right to safe termination, which would easily prevent thousands of deaths each year.


Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya

Sarah Elliott
Sarah Elliott was born in the USA in 1984 and received a degree in photography in New York City at Parsons School of Design. Elliott assisted Stanley Greene for a year before moving to Nairobi, Kenya, where she is currently based. Elliott has traveled extensively and is interested largely in documenting social issues, with a focus on women. Her photographs have appeared in such publications as Vanity Fair Italy, Monocle, Financial Times Weekend Magazine and Time.

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