Becoming South Sudan

Juba, South Sudan

Members of the military practice for the military and civilian parade that took place during the Independence Day celebrations.

On 9 July 2011, six months after nearly 99 percent of four million voters in a referendum opted for secession from the North, the Republic of South Sudan came into being, becoming the world’s 193rd nation. The run-up to independence witnessed a place and a people in transformation, as some of the millions of exiles who had sought asylum in neighboring countries returned to rebuild their communities and construct their identity as a unified nation. The new government has the task of developing law-enforcing institutions such as the police and prison services out of a rebel movement, and from people trained as combatants, not peacekeepers.


Juba, South Sudan

Alinka Echeverría (30) is a British/Mexican photographer whose work focuses on the human connection to place, collective memory and identity. She is a graduate of the International Center of Photography in New York and holds an MA Honours in social anthropology and development from the University of Edinburgh. Alinka’s photos have appeared in a variety of international publications, such as Le Monde Magazine, Geo, Libération, Time’s LightBox and The Sunday Times Magazine. She has been featured in over 30 exhibitions worldwide.

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