Pleven Prison, Bulgaria

Djilian in the bathroom at Pleven Prison.

Outside a small town called German, near the Bulgarian capital Sofia, is a rehab community for heroin addicts. Residents sign a contract undertaking not to take drugs, alcohol or tobacco. There are no doctors, nor any psychological treatment. The only way for them to overcome their addiction is by work in the surrounding farmland, and mutual support. Pleven Prison, in the north of the country, is a warm, clean place, where inmates have access to doctors and treatment. Nevertheless, drug dealing is common inside the prison walls, making it harder for those who are addicts to overcome their habit.


Pleven, Bulgaria

Dimitri Stefanov (24) was born in Bulgaria, but has lived in Spain for the past 11 years. He studied photography at EFTI in Madrid, where he received an award for best photographer of the year and held a solo exhibition. Dimitri was awarded a scholarship to the Gervasio Sánchez Albarracín seminars and his work has appeared in a variety of leading Bulgarian magazines. He works as a documentary photographer focusing on social issues, in particular on problems affecting the middle classes and other aspects of life in Bulgaria.

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