Nomadia: Young American Nomads

‘Traveling kids’ run through the grass in North Dakota.

Vagrancy, the phenomenon of nomadic outcasts, is not a new story. For one-and-a-half centuries, hobos living beyond the traditional American Dream have traversed the American landscape, in hope of finding work, adventure, and freedom. Today, ‘traveling kids’ — communities of young nomadic individuals — cross the US by hopping freight trains and hitchhiking for months or years at a time. Nowadays, living free in America is not as challenging by historical vagrant standards. Traveling kids live off the waste and kindness of American society and hail from a variety of backgrounds. Many are runaways, living nomadically out of necessity, while others are born middle class, but have rebelled against life’s expectations.


North Dakota, USA

Kitra Cahana (24) is a Canadian documentary photographer who had an early start in her career when, aged 17, one of her photographs of the Israeli disengagement from Gaza landed on the front page of The New York Times. In 2007, she joined the newspaper as an intern, going on to take up a scholarship at Benetton’s research communication center in Italy, working on stories around the world for Colors magazine. In 2010, she won a prize in the World Press Photo contest.

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