The Whisperers

A broken tree near Rutka village indicates a small path in the woods.

The whisperers of Podlasie in eastern Poland believe they possess a gift from God, giving them the power to heal all kinds of diseases and physical pain. They claim that they are also able to cast spells and charms, and free people from evil possession. Whisperers are mostly older women. They treat patients all day, in their houses or at holy places near their villages. Whisperers have regular patients from the area, but also people from other parts of Poland and sometimes from across the world. They have been a part of the local culture in Podlasie for hundreds of years.


Rutka, Podlasie, Poland

Kuba Kaminski (26) was born in Poland and holds a degree in photography from Lodz Film School. In 2004, he started work as a professional photographer for the Zycie daily and since 2005 has been a staff photographer for Rzeczpospolita. Kuba has been on assignments in Europe, Asia, US and South America. He is also involved in his own documentary projects, such as The Sobering Chamber, about post-communist facilities for alcoholics.

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