A women in the woods.

Dogging is British slang for people engaging in outdoor sexual acts in secluded public areas. Lay-bys, woods and picnic spots around the UK often double as dogging locations once darkness falls. Carried out under the cover of night, the practice generally involves sexual acts between people who are complete strangers. Increasingly though, participants arrange to meet at a dogging site via the internet or through social-networking media. Dogging has no rules; it may take place between couples or in groups. Some like to watch, some are exhibitionists, others just like to talk, but most are there for the thrill of having sex with strangers.



Leo Maguire (29) is from the UK. He discovered photography at art school and went on to attend the renowned documentary photography course at the University of Wales, Newport. During his time there, Leo’s work was recognized with a commendation by the Ian Parry Scholarship. His interest lies mainly in the pursuit of long-term projects that examine barely known subjects from within. A recipient of a Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography, he spent three years gaining unprecedented access to the world of bare-knuckle fighters in Britain’s traveler community.

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