On This Side of the Mountain

Benya and his dog Pistacho in front of his home in Abdet, a small village in the Alicante mountains in Spain.

Twenty years ago, Laura’s parents, Anne and Ben, came to Abdet, a small village in the Alicante mountains in Spain. There they began to build a house from the ruins of an abandoned stable, deep in a valley, just below a threatening ridge called ‘The Crag’. They built their home stone by stone, expanding it as the family grew, using rocks that fell from the mountain to construct not only the house, but a corral for animals and ponds to irrigate their land. They live in perfect harmony with their environment, respecting their place in nature and altering the landscape as little as possible.


Abdet, Spain

Sebastian Liste (26) currently lives between his native Spain and Brazil. He holds degrees in both photojournalism and sociology. His main focus is on long-term projects that mix his visual skills with his background in sociology, to explore diverse forms of community life. Sebastian was a recipient of the Ian Parry Scholarship in 2010 and his other accolades include awards from Sony WPO, POYi, Px3, NPPA and the Lucie Awards.

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