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Stories of Change - Beyond the ‘Arab Spring’

Stories of Change - Beyond the ‘Arab Spring’

Paperback, 312 pages
20 x 24.5 cm
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Stories of Change - Beyond the ‘Arab Spring’

Stories of Change celebrates authenticity in visual storytelling. It offers a unique, intimate perspective on everyday life in five North African countries: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. World Press Photo Academy ran a two-year training program for young photojournalists, to support them in advancing their storytelling skills. The photographers were encouraged to develop their own story ideas—ones that grew out of their personal knowledge of the region, that explored contemporary issues and reflected on lives in a time of revolution.

Presented against a backdrop of striking images from news archives, complemented by the singular perspectives of local writers, Stories of Change sets out to challenge our perceptions and to offer us new insight.


World Press Photo in association with Schilt Publishing


Till Schaap