Reversed Seæ

The project Reversed Seæ focuses on the Mediterranean Sea, the history, civilizations, and cultures along its shores, and on the changes that recently have swept its coasts.

Davide Monteleone is a documentary photographer who came up the idea for Reversed Seæ during the revolutions in North Africa. He determined to look at the role of the Mediterranean Sea, with its long history and as a point that connected, and divided, three continents. Monteleone was awarded the Follow Your Convictions Grant to pursue the project.

In his story proposal, Monteleone wrote, "Europe has been taken aback by the season of riots and conflicts sweeping through North Africa and the Middle East; it has been unprepared for the wave of immigration reaching its shores. But, as we witnessed centuries ago, the sea that once separated two worlds has rolled back to join them. The relationship between the former powers and the countries on the periphery is shifting."

Davide Monteleone

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