Tim Hetherington Grant

The Tim Hetherington Grant is an annual 20,000 euro grant awarded to a visual journalist to finalize an ongoing project on a human rights theme.

The grant celebrates the legacy of photojournalist and filmmaker Tim Hetherington, who was killed when a group of journalists came under fire during fighting between rebels and General Gaddafi’s forces in Misrata, Libya in April 2011. Tim Hetherington was committed to finding new ways to tell compelling stories about politics, conflict, and the human experience, and to relay these stories to a wide audience.

"Underpinning my work is a concern with human rights and analyzing political ideas, with thinking about history and politics. It’s also about witnessing, about telling stories. Photography to me is a way of exploring the world, creating narratives, and communicating with as many people as possible…I am interested in working across a broad platform, in both screen-based media and the print media."—Tim Hetherington, after he won the World Press Photo of the Year 2007

A panel of judges reviews the applications for qualities that defined Tim’s career. Successful candidates present work on a human rights theme that operates on multiple platforms and in a variety of formats; that crosses boundaries between breaking news and longer-term investigation; and that demonstrates a consistent moral commitment to the lives and stories of the subjects. The Tim Hetherington Grant is a joint initiative of World Press Photo and Human Rights Watch, with the support of Tim’s parents, Alastair and Judith Hetherington.

2014 Recipient

Roots of Africa’s Unholy War by William Daniels

2013 Recipient

Dream of a Rain of Perfume by Olivier Jobard

2012 Recipient

Breaking the Circle by Fernando Moleres

2011 Recipient

Violentology by Stephen Ferry

A collection of Tim Hetherington's work for Human Rights Watch

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