Winners from the 2011 photo contest

Twenty-one prizewinners discuss their awarded work.

During the 2011 Awards Days weekend, we spoke with a selection of photographers about their winning work, their ideas behind the project and their thoughts about photography in general.

Photographer voices:
Daniel Berehulak (Australia), Jodi Bieber (South Africa), Reinhard Dirscherl (Germany), Corentin Fohlen (France), Lu Guang (China), Wolfram Hahn (Germany), Mike Hutchings (South Africa), Malte Jäger (Germany), Kemal Jufri (Indonesia), Ed Kashi (USA), Chris Keulen (the Netherlands), Olivier Laban-Mattei (France), Benjamin Lowy (USA), Amit Madheshiya (India), Andrew McConnell (Ireland), Fernando Moleres (Spain), Daniel Morel (Haiti), Amit Sha'al (Israel) and Michael Wolf (Germany).