Applying for the Joop Swart Masterclass

Are you a young professional photojournalist or documentary photographer who would like to participate in the Joop Swart Masterclass?

In order to apply for the masterclass, you must first be nominated by one of the 181 professional photojournalists, documentary photographers, editors, publishers, curators and other professionals working in the photography industry all over the world that make up our nominating committee. You can see a list of those nominators below.

Every year between January and February, each nominator selects up to two talented young professional photographers. Photographers selected by the nominators are invited to submit their portfolio to World Press Photo. In April, an independent selection committee chooses the final 12 photographers who will be invited to Amsterdam in September for the masterclass.

In order to be nominated, you must:

  • be a professional photographer, working in the field of photojournalism and/or documentary photography
  • possess a high-level of technical, visual and journalistic skills
  • be 32 years or younger in the year the masterclass is held
  • be at a stage in your career where you are still open to learning new things
  • understand spoken English
  • be able to upload your digital portfolio to World Press Photo in March (More information on how to submit the portfolio will be given to the nominees at the end of February)

Nominations for the 2017 Joop Swart Masterclass are now closed. Nominations for the 2018 Joop Swart Masterclass will take place in January and February of 2018. If you meet the above criteria and are interested in being considered, please send an email between October 2017 and January 2018 for contact details of the nominators you'd like to approach for a nomination.

Nominating committee

  • Aidan Sullivan, United Kingdom, vice president photo assignments Getty Images
    "Passion, commitment, an understanding of how to create a visual narrative, a signature style, and a great eye."
  • Akinbode Akinbiyi, Germany, photographer
    "Passion, a will to experiment, to push personal boundaries and at the same time, to learn even further. Especially on the African continent there are many gifted young practitioners, eager to gain access to the various outlets and organisations of the so-called developed economies."
  • Alejandro Castellote, Spain, Independent curator
    "A personal voice. A contemporary approach to photography beyond from standard points of view and colonial representations."
  • Alessandra Mauro, Italy, editorial director Contrasto Publishing House
    "A nominee should express curiosity for the world, an original approach and a technical experience."
  • Alex Webb, USA, photographer
    "I am looking for a set of photographs that take me somewhere I haven't been before. That might be a particular way of seeing. It might be a subject I've never seen before, or, more likely, seen a particular way. I'm interested in photographs that surprise me, that provide a different perception of the world."
  • Alison Morley, USA, Chair, Documentary Practice & Visual Journalism program International Center of Photography
    "I look for engaged storytellers from all parts of the world. I am not looking for someone with a professional background rather someone who has the passion to grow, accept critique and build a narrative voice. I am especially sensitive to visual journalists who live in underserved areas and may not have had the opportunity to reach a global platform. This workshop can be a pivotal turning point in someone's life and I take the nomination process very seriously."
  • Ana Cecilia Gonzales-Vigil, Peru, picture editor-in-chief
    "The ability to produce a coherent body of work. A natural honest way to shoot pictures using a personal approach. Experience in shooting photo stories rather than single images. Conversant in English, knowledge of the English language."
  • Andrei Polikanov, Russia, director of photography
    "Essential for me in a nominee is to be dedicated, creative and open for new approaches in photojournalism. Of course some professional background and working experience with various photographic platforms would help. Especially interested in emerging photographers from the former URSS countries."
  • Andrew S.T. Wong, United Kingdom, independent photographer and consultant
    "I value honesty as the most important quality of photojournalists. It is the fundamental of photojournalism."
  • Anja Jöckel, Germany, picture editor
    "My interest in photography is about it showing an individual and complex approach to subjects in content, form and technique which leads to a better understanding of the world around us. It's beauty, it's darkness, it's humanity and inhumanity. I am particularly moved when photography reaches a poetic moment."
  • Antonin Kratochvil, Czech Republic, photographer
    "Approach and a region"
  • Arianna Rinaldo, Italy, independent photo editor and curator
    "My main focus is on the involvement and engagement of the photographers with the work in progress. A continuous and coherent body of work, original ideas, and a style that can be recognized are also essential points."
  • Barbara Stauss, Switzerland, photo editor and curator
    "Personal and surprising approach and angle, work which speaks to me by telling the same story in a different way."
  • Bénédicte Kurzen, France, documentary photographer
    "Having been based for 10 years in Africa, I always feel the incredible group of African photographers is still struggling to be heard and seen. I believe most of them have a very creative way of representing their reality, a way that is refreshing and inspiring. I would like to help them get access to a larger platform and gain visibility, but also gain from the incredible exchange that is taking place at the masterclass."
  • Benoit Aquin, Canada, photographer
    "I am looking for someone who has rigor, integrity and along with curiosity can make a subject with social issues visually interesting. Someone who has the ability to touch us profoundly."
  • Bogdan Cristel, Romania, photographer
    "For a nominee I'm looking mainly for freshness in images and to be keen to develop his skills."
  • Brian Storm, USA, founder MediaStorm & executive producer
    "I'm looking for photographers that want to tell in-depth, long-term stories about issues they have a personal passion to tell."
  • Bruce M Connew, New Zealand, photographer
    "A consistent body of work that has meaning, a coherent style, a photographer of substance with developed and sophisticated ideas, an approach that broadens the history of photography."
  • Celina Lunsford, Germany, artistic director Fotografie Forum Frankfurt and curator, writer, co-founder RAY Triennial of Photographie Germany
  • Chris Boot, United Kingdom, executive director Aperture Foundation
  • Claudi Carreras Guillén, Spain, curator
    "I'm looking for nominees whose projects work with the idea of documentary photography with a solid personal vision. Projects that work with the idea of borders, essays that experiment about the established ways of representation to attain efficient images and series of images/reports with a strong semantic load."
  • Daniel Ricardo Merle, Argentina, picture editor
    "Journalistic skills in very young and talented photographers."
  • Daniel Sosa, Uruguay, director Centro de Fotografía
    "Consistency in their work, ethics, innovation in the story they are telling and the way they approach it."
  • Daniela Mrazkova, Czech Republic, director Czech Press Photo
  • D J Clark, United Kingdom, multimedia journalist
    "I look mainly at young photojournalists working for the Chinese Media but also occasionally nominate from across Asia. Finding photographers in China who think differently and have a good enough command of English is my starting point. Originality of style and subject matter is also important."
  • David Dare Parker, Australia, photographer
    "The photographer should have a well-defined understanding of the visual narrative, while at the same time having an eye for reportage and some sense of the responsibilities of revealing something of the world to others. Their work should demonstrate integrity, personality, a sense of humanity and conviction. They should also be aware of media trends and have some understanding as to how to get their work seen in order to place their work in front of the general public."
  • David Hurn, United Kingdom, photographer
    "Ability to observe. See through eyes not through ears. Authenticity. Above all, authorship."
  • Dewi Lewis, United Kingdom, publisher
    "I'm looking for work which excites, which shows a freshness of approach and challenges me as a viewer. In particular I'm looking for work which shows signs of a clear authorial voice, which marks out the photographer as someone who is thinking deeply about the work that they produce. I'm open to most genres and have no geographic bias."
  • Diego Goldberg, Argentina, photographer
    "A point of view, personal vision."
  • Donald Weber, Canada, photographer
  • Eder Chiodetto, Brazil, curator and editor
    "I am looking for young photographers (Brazilians and Latinos) who work with the idea of renewing the documentary look at the reality of the region, from a more dialectical incorporating subjectivity and poetic."
  • Edie Peters, the Netherlands, publisher
    "A nominee should tell a strong story, whether it is about a subject somewhere far away or nearby. I love stories that try to push the boundaries of photography in general, and photojournalism in particular. I like to be inspired and surprised: go beyond the cliché."
  • Elena Ceratti, Italy, photo consultant
    "I'm looking for photographic approaches, information and emotion."
  • Enric Folgosa Martí, Spain, regional editor AP for Latin America and Caribbean
    "Raw talent, hunger for images, open mind and tendency to avoid photo clichés. Looking for people that have talent, but not contacts or means to enter the sometimes very closed elitist photojournalistic community. Looking for people that have experience in their own communities, interested in stories near them."
  • Enrico Stefanelli, Italy, photographer and curator
    "I'm looking for ethics, intelligence, good ideas, style, curiosity and the desire to always put themselves into question. My aim is to help young talent to emerge if they so choose."
  • Enrique Villaseñor, Mexico, photographer/professor of photography and multimedia
    "Clarity of the theme and content, technical quality, composition, effective editing"
  • Erin Elder, Canada, business development and partnerships The Globe and Mail
    "I am looking for photographers who consistently create intelligent storylines and who utilize a strong visual approach. I am intrigued by the use of contemporary tools and techniques that serve to support the intent behind the work. While I am most connected to the Canadian community, my network is global."
  • Ernesto Bazan, Italy, photographer and educator
    "I look at young photographers who possess at the same time the ability to tell a story in a direct and personal way using their own visual language. As a teacher, for the last 12 years I've been helping many of my students to acquire the tools necessary to be eloquent and subtle at the same time when telling a story; to probe their subjects always respecting them. Never trying to sensationalize their plight, but rather to look at them from within."
  • Francesco Zizola, Italy, photojournalist
    "The choice of the candidates will be based on the quality of the vision, their ability in creating a compelling narrative through images, their storytelling skills and the excellence of the work proposed."
  • Giorgia Fiorio, Italy, artist photographer
    "Photographic approach: formal and structural consistency of the project presented."
  • Hester Keijser, the Netherlands, freelance curator
  • Hideko Kataoka, Japan, director of photography Newsweek Japan
    "Hideko is most interested in traditional or new /innovative approaches to documentary projects, photojournalism and concepts employing the narrative uses of photography."
  • Hugh Pinney, United Kingdom, vice president Editorial Imagery
    "Photographer needs to demonstrate not only an ability to make individual images, but also to be able to construct a visual narrative. I am looking for someone who understands how the imagery can be used, and can capture the essence of an entire event in one frame, or tell the story behind it in twelve with equal expertise."
  • Jack Picone, Australia, documentary photographer
    "A photographer who displays a highly evolved aesthetic in authorship and is concerned with communicating pressing social issues of our time."
  • James Wellford, USA, photo editor/curator
    "I am always searching for a combination of curiosity, patience, endurance, willingness, aesthetic sensibility, and an evolving awareness and consideration about the process of finding and making a meaningful image. Looking for people who think outside the frame to make the frame so that the image is always more than just a picture."
  • Jean Chung, contract photographer Getty Images
    "If a young photographer is working on issues—especially on human conditions—what I think of the best value for a photographer is respect and compassion for the subject they photograph. A photographer should not use the subjects for his or her own glory or success, especially when they are young; rather, they should be humble and focus on understanding the weaker side of the people and documenting the part of the history. Don't just take pictures and leave them without saying proper goodbyes. Try to be polite in any situation and do not force them. When you respect the subject, it shows in your pictures."
  • Jenny Smets, the Netherlands, director of photography Vrij Nederland
    "I am looking for photographers who are original in their choice of subject and have a distinguishing style. Who have proven to be real storytellers and eager to work on new topics."
  • Jesse Marlow, Australia, photographer
    "Original work showing a consistent sense of photographic authorship."
  • Jessica Murray, United Kingdom/USA, director Al-liquindoi
    "I'm looking for young photographers, mostly working in their own countries, and who are really thinking outside of the box in their approach to subject matter and the medium. I'm interested in photography that is content driven. I'm interested in nominating photographers from the MENA region, Central Asia, the Caucasus and Southern Europe, with whom I have the most experience working over the past 8 years."
  • Jimmy A. Domingo, Philippines, photographer/editor/educator
    "A photographer who skillfully uses various photographic approaches in projects particularly focusing on social, political and development issues across the Asian region. Specifically, I will also look for works published by mainstream media and news organizations."
  • Jodi Bieber, South Africa, photograher
    "Passion, a person who stands out from the crowd , who is humble with something interesting to say through their projects. I love layered work, originality, emotion and strong aesthetics ...oh yes, you are willing to work hard with integrity especially to those you photograph."
  • John Fleetwood, South Africa, head of Market Photo Workshop
    "Interested in: Work where intentions are considered and layered. Photographers that have developed a visual language but can still learn. Investigated, interpreted journalism. My own interest is in the politics of advocacy intersecting with aesthetics."
  • Jon Jones, United Kingdom, director of photography Sunday Times Magazine
  • Jon Levy, United Kingdom, editor, publisher and founder Foto8
    "Integrity and a clear demonstration of their intention to tell their story. Engaging and selective uses of different media where appropriate. Honesty and sophistication in their journalistic practice."
  • Jonas Staselis, Lithuania, president Lithuanian Press Photographers Club
    "Looking for the photographer's honourable and responsible approach to the object of his interest: people, nature, events, etc. (single or story). New interesting themes who are telling not only about world wide problems, but also about everyday life and ordinary people. Personal approach in storytelling."
  • Jonathan Torgovnik, USA, photographer
    "I am looking for photographers that are engaged visual storytellers, curious, and demonstrate deep understanding of the issues they are documenting."
  • Jukka Gröndahl, Finland, photojournalist & picture editor
    "I am looking for nominees with endless curiosity about human life on the Earth."
  • Junko Ogawa, Japan, head Magnum Photos Tokyo Office
    "Documentary photographer with a distinctive personal vision and style."
  • Karim Ben Khelifa, Tunisia, photojournalist
    "Looking for people with a vision and willing to push established boundaries in storytelling."
  • Kosuke Okahara, Japan/France, documentary photographer
    "I am looking for photographers especially from Japan and East Asia who has a hunger to make a statement about the world with human touch that comes from deep inside of his or her mind."
  • Lars Willumeit, Germany, photo editor, curator & writer
    "In potential nominees I am looking for a sustained interest in a particular geographic region and/or topicality, in combination with a photographic approach that is reflective of the specificities of the photographic medium and the conditions within which the documentary work is being produced, distributed and consumed."
  • Laura Boushnak, Palestinian Territories/Bosnia and Herzegovina, independent photographer
    "I would like to nominate young photographers from the MENA region who have developed photographic skills, but still need help in improving their storytelling approach and techniques."
  • Liza Faktor, Russia, co-founder Screen
    "I am looking for authentic human experience translated into visual documentary and determination in telling a story and finding your audience. For me, the eye, the visual talent is inseparable from knowing what a photographer wants to talk about with his audience. The passion about the story is more important for me than style, experience or the origin of the photographer."
  • Luc Debraine, Switzerland, journalist L’Hebdo
  • Magdalena Herrera, France, director of photography Geo France
    "Ideas, style, good narrative, curiosity..."
  • Maggie Steber, USA/France, photographer
    "Unique and new approach to issues, style but also story-telling ability, vision, knowledge of their subject, commitment and understanding, empathy, best photographic ability possible..."
  • Majid Saeedi, Iran , documentary photographer
  • Manoocher Deghati, France/Iran, photo manager The Associated Press for Middle East
    "The talent and passion in young generations."
  • Mariko Takeuchi, Japan, photography critic, independent curator and associate professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design
    "Seriousness and sincerity in his/her approaches to the subject."
  • MaryAnne Golon, USA, director of photography The Washington Post
    "A photographer who understands narrative and has a strong visual voice. A photographer who has enough experience to develop a project or story over time. A person with confidence who is open to learning and expanding their knowledge through the masterclass experience."
  • Max Pam, Australia, photographer
  • Meaghan Looram, USA, deputy photo editor The New York Times
  • Michael Amendolia, Australia, freelance photographer
    "A young image maker under the age of 31 working in documentary journalism who values authenticity and has a unique visual approach to telling stories of contemporary issues in a way that attempts to or hopes to access a mass audience either in their county or internationally."
  • Michaela Bosakowa, Slovakia
  • Michele McNally, USA, assistant managing editor The New York Times
    "I am looking for committed photographers who need to tell stories. I look for a unique sensibility and I am drawn to work that is compassionate and emotional. I am interested in photography from all regions."
  • Miguel Ángel Larrea, Chile, photography professor University of Chile
    "I'm interested in nominating a photographer that can and has developed a work with more depth than what is demanded in traditional photojournalism."
  • Monica Allende, Spain, photo editor The Sunday Times Magazine
    "I look for an innate talent which can be mentored or supported to fulfill its highest potential... there has to be a proven photographic ability"
  • Mônica Maia, Brazil, picture editor and gallerist
    "I'm looking for young photographers who develop documentary work with their own voice, thoughts and reflections about the topic. Photographers who tell stories in a personal way with identity and personality."
  • Moshe Rosenzveig, Australia, founder and director Head On Photo Festival
    "I'm looking for work where the photographer communicates with both the subject and the viewer to create images that are engaging emotionally."
  • Muhammed Muheisen, Jordan, chief photographer for the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan Associated Press
    "I'm looking for talented, unknown photographers seeking professional help and guidance, from the Middle East and other regions. Photographers who need a chance to go to the next level but simply never had any, who will benefit completely from being in the Joop Swart Masterclass and reflect on their coverage in their region."
  • Munem Wasif, Bangladesh, documentary photographer Agence VU
    "I am looking for photographers especially from South Asia as they are underrepresented. Innovative ideas, creative visuals and strong narrative will be recommended."
  • Na Risong, China, art director Inter Art Center/Gallery and chief editor Pixel Magazine
    "I will be looking for professional photographers based in the Greater China region who are committed to advancing freedom and democracy, and whose works address social issues in China’s developing process."
  • Neil Burgess, United Kingdom, founder *nbpictures
    "I'm looking for work which will tell me something that I don't already know in a dynamic and interesting way."
  • Nestan Nijaradze, Georgia, co-artistic director Tbilisi Photo Festival
    "In a nominee I normally I look for the 'good photographic potential' that can be developed. What I call 'good potential' gathers photographic approaches, existing experience, stories that nominee tell by using photography as the tool for visual storytelling and also the total devotion to the photography. For the last few years I've worked a lot with the emerging photographers of South Caucasus, Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. I'm particularly interested in discovering the young photographers from these countries (and the stories they photograph in their countries/region) and giving them the opportunity for further professional development."
  • Newsha Tavakolian, Iran, photographer and artist
  • Nicole Robbers, the Netherlands, independent picture editor
    "Nominees should be young professionals, working in the field of photojournalism or documentary photography. When chosen they must be willing to open up to their fellow students and masters in order to take their work to a higher level. They clearly must be able to establish a sense of direction about their most important future body of work. Open minded, eager to learn, self confident in order to step in this masterclass rollercoaster."
  • Ng Swan Ti, Indonesia, photographer and managing director PannaFoto Institute
    "Young photographers who have a creative way and approach to tell his/her story."
  • Oleg Klimov, Russia, photographer and founder Liberty SU Foundation
    "Looking for photographers (journalism, documentary) with the author's point of view and the lack of the state propaganda in the territory of the former USSR."
  • Olivier Laurent, France/USA, editor TIME LightBox
    "I’m looking for nominees that can tell, above all, a story with a beginning, a middle and an end; where every single image has a purpose and works within the edit."
  • Pablo Bartholomew, India, independent photographer
  • Pablo Corral Vega, Ecuador, multimedia editor
    "Young photographers who have take documentary photography beyond the expected norms, photographers who move freely between journalism and art."
  • Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, Mexico, photographer
  • Paul Lowe, United Kingdom, photographer
    "Passion, enthusiasm, a commitment to ethical practice, a strong personal vision, and well researched and thought through projects and ideas."
  • Pedro Loureiro, Portugal, photographer
  • Per Lindström, Sweden, photographer
    "A good storyteller and a person who wants to present a shoot for the first time (not neccesarily the best but a new look), of course with a personal photo language."
  • Peter Bialobrzeski, Germany, photographer and educator
    "Complexity, intelligence, aesthetic courage, attitude and commitment"
  • Pieter ten Hoopen, the Netherlands, photographer
  • Raghu Rai, India, mentor Raghu Rai Center for Photography
    "Any subject, a picture story or individual images which take you into the depth and essence of the time and place without distortion and unnecessary effects. The image must have the simplicity and honesty of content and approach in the best tradition of documentary photography."
  • Ramón Reverté, Spain, editor-in-chief and creative director RM photobook program
  • Raphael Hokororo, Tanzania, photographer
  • Rebecca McClelland, United Kingdom, photography editor and curator
    "I am looking for photographers who show maturity and originality in their approach to their work, choosing photographic stories or content that has depth, is new and already well-produced. I would expect the photographer to have at least four stories in their portfolio and have a strong understanding of contemporary media practices and print/online publications."
  • Regina Maria Anzenberger, Austria, founder and director Anzenberger Agency
    "I am looking for intelligent storytelling concepts and new picture languages as well as for longterm projects."
  • Reza Deghati, France/Iran, photographer
  • Ricardo Mazalan, Argentina, photographer
    "Lively photographers, who try to look beyond cliché stories. Effective storytelling that transmit information and emotions with a high sense of the moment."
  • Robert McFarlane, Australia, writer and photographer
    "I am looking for photographers who address the complex issues of the world with originality, compassion and fine craft. They should also understand the complexities of working in essay form as well as the value of a single, influential image. I would hope Australian photographers would examine social issues in their country as well as the surrounding Asia/Pacific region. Should they choose other regions e.g. Africa. I would be looking for similar artistic virtues in their approach."
  • Robert Pledge, France/United Kingdom, president Contact Press Images
    "Curiosity for the world: places, events, issues. A thorough in-depth investigative approach in any style of image making. Images that generate awareness, outrage, empathy for those mistreated by their cultural, political, social and economic environment, and make you want to act as a responsible citizen of the world and an enlightened human being."
  • Roman Bezjak, Germany/Slovenia, photographer/professor
    "Social, cultural and urban issues."
  • Ron Haviv, USA, photographer
    "Today's complex visual world requires photographers who can explore new language while still being able to speak to a majority of the audience. I will look for people who are able to walk that fine line while at the same time using their unique visual voice to tell stories that we have not seen before. Today photographers from the majority world have the ability for their work to be seen like never before. It is imperative that we create a balance in exposure and education amongst all photographers."
  • Rula Halawani, Palestinian Territories, photographer
    "In a nominee, I look for photographic approach, experience and the quality of recent projects/experiences they have."
  • Ruth Eichhorn, Germany, director of photography
    "Intelligence, imagination and perseverance in personality - consistency and rhythm in storytelling are still values. But maybe other values will be added in the future. We will see. Photographers constantly surprise me with what is possible. I hope this will not stop. These are interesting times for photojournalism. To fight against billions of amateur cell phones is a struggle that demands a lot of courage."
  • Samer Mohdad, Belgium/Lebanon, photographer and visual artist
    "Images of quality, done with a purpose, an intention and expressing the feeling of their makers, made to change people's minds. It's always a pleasure to see reality surpassing fiction and being enable to capture the moment in a creative way."
  • Sandra Boulanger de Tejada, Bolivia, photographer
  • Santiago Lyon, USA, VP & director of photography The Associated Press
    "I am looking for photographic creativity combined with journalistic rigor. The two traits would ideally combine to produce effective and compelling storytelling."
  • Shahidul Alam, Bangladesh, director Drik and Pathshala South Asian Media Institute
    "Innovative storytelling approach. Commitment, women, strong technique, and intelligence."
  • Sim Chi Yin, Singapore/China, photographer
    "I’d look for a sense of commitment to storytelling in this neighbourhood—east and southeast Asia—especially for indigenous voices, a strong sense of authorship, intimacy with one’s subjects, and commitment to social justice issues."
  • Silvia Omedes, Spain, independent curator and director Photographic Social Vision Foundation
    "I look for Spanish authors that are developing honest and courageous work and urged to share their important stories within society. Storytellers with strong visuals and interesting approaches that are constantly interrogating the world and themselves through quality photographic journeys."
  • Soren Pagter, Denmark, photojournalism department head The Danish School of Media and Journalism
    "I'm interested in good and important stories told in way that moves me. I'm looking for nominees, who show courage and personal approach in the stories, they're making. I want to feel their interest in the people and their knowledge on the subject matter. I don't believe that a good visual idea is enough – you also need content to make it really interesting."
  • Stefano Carini, Italy/Iraq, editor-in-chief Metrography
    "I will be looking for a nominee who has a particular vision, a personal approach, and who is really willing to learn more. Iraq has incredible potential, and I work with a network of young local photographers. They all have incredible eye, but they lack guidance, experience and confrontation with the world. I’ll be looking for somebody who is ready for such confrontation."
  • Stephan Vanfleteren, Belgium, photographer
    "I am looking for visual and intellectual hunger in a young photographer who is eager to explore the world and his or her mind."
  • Steve Blogg, United Kingdom, senior director Image Partners
    "I look for a developing signature in work that also has a good narrative. Strength in style, approach and composition."
  • Sujong Song, South Korea, independent curator and photo editor
  • Tamás Révész, Hungary/USA, photojournalism department head Budapest College of Communication and Business
    "Looking for young and devoted photojournalist with fresh and educated eyes who has social sensibility."
  • Tanya Habjouqa, Palestinian Territories/Jordan, photographer
    " I am looking for photographs/stories/essays that bring forth an evocative gut reaction where you feel something is really being said, even if whispered. Covering the Middle East extensively, one of the most sometimes 'overly photographed' places on earth, quite often by foreigners, there is an entrenched history of oriental stereotypes spanning over a century. Today that representation is often a reductionist 'hard news' approach. I am looking for photographers, be they from the region or who live and work extensively there, that manage to take us somewhere unexpected, look at an over-told story with fresh eyes, or simply deep-gut good storytelling."
  • Terje Bringedal, Norway, staff photographer
    "New voices. Personal style."
  • Thomas Kennedy, USA, independent photo consultant
    "I believe visual journalists can tell stories that transport people beyond their own life experience. These stories are bridges that connect people to the larger forces shaping our world on a daily basis. Strong photojournalism can enlighten and inform and bring people to understand how specific life experiences are connected to larger truths about the human condition. I am looking for photojournalists who can bear witness, with a strong point of view and use the aesthetic language of photography, to tell stories with power, clarity, and deep understanding of what they are witnessing. The ability to assume a strong point of view and use superior aesthetics are something I value."
  • Timothy Jaap Veling, New Zealand, photographer
    "I am looking to see work by photographers from Australasia. Work must evidence a high degree of dedication to practice and critical thinking around subject matter. Work may be of the photo-reportage style, or fit within a fine art and/or documentary context."
  • Tomasz Tomaszewski, Poland, photographer
    "I will be looking for visually intriguing and intellectually complicated photographs which tell a story."
  • Tony Chambers, United Kingdom, editor-in-chief Wallpaper* magazine
  • Touré Amadou Chab, Mali, gallery director
    "Give an opportunity to one to be with the others known. To make one believe that his work can arise him."
  • Val Williams, United Kingdom, curator and photography teacher
  • Vincent Alabiso, USA, president Visual Journalism Alliance
    "I am always open to good photography from anywhere and everywhere, but would like to focus on local work in developing regions. I seek something new, different and exciting in a photographer's vision and storytelling style."
  • Walter Astrada, Argentina, freelance photographer
    "Self-motivated photographers who are able to take visual risks."
  • Wen Huang, China, director, International Business Development Division, News & Information Centre, Xinhua News Agency
    "Observation and eyewitness of the dramatically changing Chinese society. Creativity in terms of visual writing and personal standing. Try to present his/her works with unique and original images other than the visual and/or ideological cliché or so-called common sense."
  • Witold Krassowski, Poland, photographer and photographic reportage teacher, Media Art Department, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
    "I would be looking for dedicated young photographers with social interests. They must be able to build a body of work on a topic from their region (preferably social and of relative actuality) presenting a visual cohesion and - if possible - personal approach. The persons should present a combination of photographic experience and dedication, both to the medium and to social questions."
  • Ziv Koren, Israel, photographer
    "Looking for a spark, an additional value beside photographic skills. A photographer that can that can express a third dimension out of an image."