Digital Storytelling Contest Judging Process

Selecting winners in the Digital Storytelling Contest involves two stages for each category.

The first stage is a screening panel and the second is the jury, with each stage lasting two weeks. In the jury stage there are two rounds, followed by a final round in which the three winners are chosen.

In each stage and round, the following criteria are considered:

  • Editing - skillful, discerning or imaginative editing
  • Functionality - is the use of new technology relevant to the intended audience and does it improve the functionality of the production?
  • Impact - productions that have the strongest storytelling impact
  • Interactivity - where applicable, the level of audience participation offered by the production
  • Structure and navigation - the organization of content, prioritization of information and the manner in which users navigate through it
  • Visual design - the production’s design and visual experience

The screening panel views the entries to the Short- and Long-Form categories for an equal minimum amount of viewing time. Entries to the Immersive and Innovative Storytelling categories are viewed for an equal maximum amount of viewing time. In the jury stage, all entries are viewed in their entirety.