2000 Photo Contest, Spot News, Stories, 1st prize

John Stanmeyer

Saba Press Photos for Time

01 November, 1999

Students and riot police clash in the run-up to the presidential election, as protestors demand President Habibie not be reselected.

During elections in October, the first news to spread among crowds waiting for the result was that the popular Megawati Sukarnoputri had won. Supporters' jubilation turned sour when they learned the true result, that parliament had chosen Muslim leader Abdurraham Wahid as president. The street violence that broke out as the election result became known died down only after Megawati herself appealed for calm, and when it was made known that she was to be vice-president.


John Stanmeyer

John Stanmeyer, born in Illinois, is a founder member of the VII photo agency. Over the last decade, Stanmeyer has worked nearly exclusively with National Geographic, producing ...

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