2001 Photo Contest, General News, Stories, Honorable mention

Noël Patrick Quidu

Gamma for Newsweek

27 September, 2000

Over 300,000 people demonstrate for the resignation of President Slobodan Milosevic. In October, a revolution in Serbia toppled President Milosevic. The opposition had claimed victory in the September elections, but a Federal Election Commission called for a second ballot, claiming neither side had an outright majority. A general strike and mass protests followed. On October 4, Yugoslavia's constitutional court annulled the election; by dawn on October 5 people were converging on Belgrade. By 16h00 protestors had captured the parliament building, and at 18h30 opposition leader Vojislav Kostunica addressed a rally of some half a million people and declared himself president.

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Noël Patrick Quidu

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