Security training with Article 19 Mexico

In 2011, World Press Photo joined forces with Article 19 in Mexico to strengthen the knowledge and skills of visual journalists in Mexico with regards to security issues. A specific aim of the partnership is to train the journalists to work without compromising their safety and avoiding self-censorship. No such training has previously been available for photojournalists in Mexico.

Article 19 Mexico and Central America is part of the international Article 19, headquartered in London. Article 19 is a human rights organization with a specific mandate and focus on the defense and promotion of freedom of expression and freedom of information worldwide. Since 2010, Article 19 Mexico is registered as a national Mexican NGO and has specific knowledge and expertise with safety issues and security.

Regional workshops on safety will be organized in different states of Mexico over the course of the next three years, training around 60 visual journalists each year. These regional workshops will be given to a group of journalists who will be trained to share their knowledge and skills with their colleagues. One important first step in this project is to train the ten trainers, not only in the safety issues, but also in strengthening their didactic skills and to establish a quality norm for the trainings.

A training of trainers workshop was organized in Toluca, Mexico, between 18 and 22 January 2012, with a focus on strengthening the participants’ didactic skills. The curriculum involved self-protection, security protocols, post-trauma assistance and a basic survival training. In addition, ethics in the use of the images and legal issues about privacy were included in the workshop curriculum. After the workshop, the participants will deliver workshops about safety issues to their colleagues in the area where they are based.

Through the support of local organizations, World Press Photo aims to support the education and training of (photo)journalists, enabling them to share stories with the world and providing them with a network through which they may further their career.

As part of an alliance aimed to build capacity in 11 countries, World Press Photo is working together with Free Press Unlimited, Mensen met een Missie, European Partnership for Democracy and European Journalism Centre.

In its capacity-building program, World Press Photo is concentrating its efforts in Mexico, the Philippines and Bangladesh. We are currently working with the following partner organizations in the three focus countries: the Asian Centre for Journalism at Ateneo University (Philippines), Pedro Meyer Foundation (Mexico), Article 19 (Mexico), Patshala (Bangladesh) and Drik (Bangladesh).

Posted January 25 2012

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