Call for Applications “Photo Storytelling After Dark” Workshop

Canon Ambassador Ziv Kooren addresses the class during the “Photo Storytelling After Dark” Workshop.

Berend Janssens addresses the class during the “Photo Storytelling After Dark” Workshop.

Canon and World Press Photo invite aspiring photojournalists and students of photography to apply for a “Photo Storytelling After Dark” course.

The workshop will focus on the development of the participant’s technical, visual and storytelling skills using low light photography. The course will take place during the 2015 World Press Photo Awards Days, on Friday 24 April and Saturday 25 April at the Compagnietheater in Amsterdam.

The course: Photo Storytelling After Dark
Throughout the course, 12 selected participants will improve their technical, storytelling, and editing skills with instruction from a photo editor who has been trained by World Press Photo for this purpose, an established international photographer and a technical photography expert.

The trainers are:
- Magdalena Herrera, France/Cuba, director of photography Geo France
- Ziv Koren, Israel, photographer and Canon Ambassador
- Berend Janssens, Netherlands, Professional Imaging Service Consultant for Canon Nederland N.V.

The course consists of two face-to-face meetings of two hours each, and an overnight assignment. On 24 April, the participants will receive an introduction to storytelling with the aim of producing a story idea and a work plan, as well as a (technical) presentation on low light photography. On the night of 24 April, the participants will produce a photo story. Their photo edits will be discussed and edited with the trainers in a second face-to-face meeting on 25 April.

Canon will offer professional equipment on a loan basis, which includes an EOS 5D Mark III camera and a choice of an EF24mm f/2.8 IS USM, EF28mm f/2.8 IS USM or EF35mm f/2 IS USM lens for the duration of the workshop.
In addition, participants will gain access to the 2015 World Press Photo Awards Days, which will include prize-winner presentations and discussions with industry leaders.

Who can apply?
The training program is open to aspiring photojournalists and students of photography with some experience in visual storytelling. Participants are required to have a good understanding of English.

Application process and deadline
To apply, please send the following to :
- Completed and signed application form
- A story of 15 photos including a brief description and captions
The deadline for applications is 14 April, 23:59 CET. A committee will then select 12 participants based on the quality of work and motivation for participation. The selected participants will be announced on 17 April.

The selected students will be asked to pay a fee of 50 euros. The fee includes access to the 2015 prize-winners presentations at the Compagnietheater. Please note that the fee does not cover travel or accommodation costs. The fee must be paid no later than 20 April. In case of a cancellation after 20 April or a no-show, the fee will not be refunded.

For questions or help, please contact World Press Photo at

Posted April 1 2015

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