Delta Lloyd’s exhibition night fundraises for East African photography masterclass

© Frank van Beek / Hollandse Hoogte

© Frank van Beek / Hollandse Hoogte

In association with exhibition sponsor Delta Lloyd, the World Press Photo Foundation organised a special after-hours showing of the World Press Photo 16 exhibition in Amsterdam’s historic De Nieuwe Kerk.

It was one of the events which helped make the World Press Photo exhibition in Amsterdam the most successful to date, with over 95,000 visitors in 12 weeks.

During the evening of 5 July, guests were able to tour the exhibition alongside celebrated photographers Paul Hansen (Sweden) and photographer Jeroen Swolfs (the Netherlands), whose ‘Streets of the World’ show was exhibited in partnership with the World Press Photo 16 exhibition in Amsterdam.

With the entrance fees and Delta Lloyd's generous contribution, 4,000 euros was raised for the foundation’s next satellite masterclass to develop new talent, which is planned to be held in east Africa later this year.

Posted August 3 2016

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