Amir Pourmand

Photographer, Iran

Amir Pourmand © Rouholah Vahdati

2014, 3rd prize singles, General News

Amir Pourmand is an Iranian photographer with an extensive career covering sports, natural disasters in Iran and the Iranian presidential elections. In 2008, Pourmand earned a BA in Visual Communication from the University of Science and Culture in Tehran. He worked as a staff photographer for Iranian Labour News Agency in 2005 and Mehr News Agency in 2006, eventually becoming a freelance photographer in 2010.

His accolades include an Iranian Student’s News Agency (ISNA) Journalist/Photojournalist of the Year award in 2013, the 19th Iranian Press Festival 3rd place award, and the top award for the EBARA Winter Games among many other nominations.  His work has been exhibited at numerous fairs and biennales such as the 5th Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts in 2013, the “8th Parliament in ISNA’s Frame” a photo exhibition at the Iranian Parliament, and the 12th Iranian National Biennial of Photography in 2012.  Amir’s work has been published by AP, Polaris, Reuters and Time. He currently lives in Tehran and works as a photographer for ISNA.



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