Cédric Mal

journalist, documentary filmmaker, book publisher and founder Le Blog documentaire, France visit website

Cédric Mal © DR

Documentary filmmaker first, Cédric Mal is also a journalist and book publisher.

He founded and runs Le Blog documentaire, the go-to French website about documentaries on web, TV, cinema and elsewhere. He has directed several films and written several books.

Cédric Mal began making films in France, Cuba and Nicaragua. In parallel, he works as films critic for different French media, including the wellknown IMAGES documentaries review.

In 2008, he wrote his first book on Claire Denis, Cinéaste à part, et entière… He’s also co-author of the acclaimed Le webdoc existe-t-il ? (2014), and of the professional panorama Les nouveaux producteurs : la French touch de la webcreation.

He’s also part of different French commissions related to the present and future of documentaries in France. He regularly participates in organizing and animating events, meetings and festivals around films and interactive programs. He has been several times jury in French competitions. He’s also regularly requested as advisor on documentary projects.


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