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Dan Archer

Dan Archer is the founder of Empathetic Media, a multimedia agency that uses virtual/augmented reality and graphic journalism to tell news stories in an immersive new way.

He is a recognized thought leader in the VR/interactive storytelling space, having lectured and given workshops at the Society of News Design, Magnum Foundation, Media Impact Funders, the Online News Association, and Future of Storytelling conference, among others. His work has been published by BBC, Die Zeit, El País, Canadian Broadcasting Corp., American Public Media, Vice magazine and Fusion.

Empathetic’s own AR app, ARc Stories, was among the first 3D non-fiction sequential storytelling platforms and has published AR stories in conjunction with a number of leading organizations such as the Washington Post, the Red Cross and the Associated Press.

He is a 2016 Fellow at the Tow Center at Columbia University (New York), was a 2014 Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellow at the University of Missouri and 2011 Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University, where he also taught non-fiction graphic novel writing from 2008 to 2014.


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