Jana Romanova

documentary photographer, Russia visit website

Jana Romanova © Alexander Chekmenev

Jana Romanova, born in 1984 in Russia, got her degree in journalism from Saint­ Petersburg State University.

She currently works with photography and video to talk about ideas of community and collective identity, focusing mainly on the territory of post­-Soviet countries. She works with her subjects as collaborators, using different methods of participatory art, and challenges herself with experiments, where she tries to become a part of different communities, questions her own identity and explores different roles photography plays in society.

Her long-­term documentary projects were selected for a number of international exhibitions and festivals such as Moscow Photobiennale 2016 (Russia), Encontros da Imagem (Braga, Portugal), the Backlight Festival (Tampere, Finland), Encuentros Abietros Festival (Buenos Aires, Argentina) “Perchance to Dream” at Andrea Meislin Gallery (New York, USA), “New Saint­ Petersburg” at Nieuw Dakota Gallery (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and got several prizes and honorable mentions in photography all over the world.


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