Nemanja Pančić

staff photographer, Serbia visit website

Nemanja Pančić © Marko Rupena

2013, 1st prize singles, Observed Portraits

Nemanja Pancic is a founding member of the Kamerades photo collective.

He was nominated for the Joop Swart Masterclass and participated in the SEE New Perspectives Masterclass for professional photographers from southeastern Europe, a project from World Press Photo in partnership with the Robert Bosh Stiftung.

Pancic is the winner of the Serbian Press Photo special award, life photo story category for 'Najdan Circles' (2011); Serbian Press Photo award, portrait category for 'Disconsolate Mother' (2010); Serbian Press Photo award, sport photo story category for 'Fighting Spirit' (2010); and the UNS (Serbian Journalist Association) Laza Kostic annual photography award, photo story for 'Baba Mondi (The one who opens the doors)' (2010). Pancic lives in Belgrade, Serbia.



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