Sébastien Van Malleghem

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Sébastien Van Malleghem © Gert Verbelen

Sébastien Van Malleghem is a freelance photographer born in Belgium in 1986. He studied photography in Brussels from 2006 to 2009.

His long-term projects focus on the idea of justice in contemporary Europe. For four years he followed the daily job of police officers and their interaction with the public, then he decided to enter inside Belgian prisons for more than three years from 2011 until 2014. Sébastien went in Libya in 2012 to work on the ruins of the power after the death of Kaddafi. He covered the daily life of the people living in the streets of Berlin during five months in 2013. Van Malleghem is now focusing on the third part of his Justice project, by giving a view on the criminal universe. Next to his European reportages, Sébastien started another long-term project in 2013 focused on daily life in Scandinavia, which he is currently working on.

Sébastien is a regular freelance contributor for De Standaard (Belgium) magazine. His work has been published in Time, The New York Times Lens Blog, Paris Match, Le Monde Magazine, Le Soir, Le Monde, Le Vif l’express, La Croix,  Le Temps, De Standaard,Polka Magazine, Photographe, and De Morgen, among others. His work has been exhibited in Greece, Canada, Belgium, France, Holland, Georgia, Norway, Argentina, Germany, and Cambodia. His first monograph “POLICE” was published in January 2013 by Yellow Now Edition. His second book, PRISONS, has been published in September 2015 by André Frère Editions and selected as one of the best photo books of the year 2015 by Time.


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